Exceed your customers' expectations with Drdsh Live

Reaching site visitors at real time

Talk to your customers directly as they browse your site, offer help and answer all their questions, so you'll be able to turn your visitors into real customers


Find out how satisfied your customers are

Provide your customers with a post-chat survey to gauge how happy they are of the support staff service./p>

Connect with your customers via mobile Application

You can reply to your customers at any time wherever you are using the Drdsh Live Android and iPhone app, in order to ensure that no customer is lost.


Building a strong relationship with customers

Connecting with visitors to help them with instant chat boosts their confidence in you, keeping customers and increasing your sales.

Submit a poll via chat

Drdsh Live helps you provide question forms to survey customers about the site's products, identify their suggestions, and work to meet their needs.


Add support in your phone App

Always keep in touch with your customers even when they use your app, and let them talk to you from everywhere via Drdsh Live.

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