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Chat and monitoring

Applications drdsh-img

Canned responses drdsh-img

Pre-chat & post-chat surveys drdsh-img

Agent rating drdsh-img

Customer details drdsh-img

Multiple website support drdsh-img

Customers tracking drdsh-img

Transfers drdsh-img

File sharing drdsh-img

Smart chat routing drdsh-img

Manual chat routing drdsh-img

Stats and reports

Daily Summary drdsh-img

Dashboard drdsh-img

Basic chat statistics drdsh-img

Agent activity drdsh-img


Automated greetings drdsh-img

Proactive chats drdsh-img

Mobile chat window drdsh-img

Eye-catcher drdsh-img


256-bit SSL secure connection drdsh-img

Data center in Frankfurt drdsh-img

Trusted domains drdsh-img

Banned visitors list drdsh-img

Audit log drdsh-img


Chat window translations drdsh-img

Language selection drdsh-img

Right-to-left support drdsh-img

Themes drdsh-img

Custom logo in chat window drdsh-img

Chat buttons drdsh-img

White label drdsh-img


Supervision drdsh-img

Agent roles drdsh-img

Inactivity timeout configuration drdsh-img

Product support

24/7/365 Chat support drdsh-img

24/7/365 Email support drdsh-img

24/7/365 Phone support drdsh-img

Product training drdsh-img

Software engineer support drdsh-img

Key Account Manager drdsh-img


Chat history drdsh-img

30 Days

60 Days

90 Days

120 Days

180 Days

Email transcripts drdsh-img

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