DRDSH`s help and support

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Live Operators and Online Chat

Our chat support executives leverage our well-crafted chat manuals to communicate with the visitors. They are always available to help with the customer queries and provide quick resolution.

Visitor Started Chat

When a visitor initiates a chat, our agents respond quickly so that you do not lose any prospect. In case the visitor needs any further information, our agents will transfer the chat to an expert.

Customer Inquiries & Grievance Resolution Chat

We have formed a separate team of experts to handle the customers' complaints and have dedicated agents to resolve customer issues or provide expert consultation on customer's individual inquiries.

Inbound Customer Support

If a new prospect or some vetted leads initiate the conversation, we have the enquired resources to deliver customer support through multiple inbound channels.


We have an expert team of telemarketers who can initiate the conversation through multiple channels, including cold calling to boost your internal team's sales initiative.

Order Management / Verification / Fulfillment

When you require a tailor-made chat support services for order management for your eCommerce business or online portal, we can deliver that.

Billing Support

We can customize our chat support services to suit your internal/external billing issues and provide quick resolution to your customers.

Lead Generation and Follow-up Chat

We can customize our chat support services to handle the chats for lead generation and follow-up. This will boost your sales & marketing campaigns.

Technical Support

We have a skilled team of chat support executives who can handle each type of technical query and can resolve or provide the necessary information to troubleshoot the customer's issues.

Products/Services Info Chat

When a customer wants a quick information on your products or services and not looking for long conversations, our chat support operators can do that. They are trained to find out the customers' exact query and provide the precise services/product information.

Order Processing Queries

When your customers want quick information on the order pickup and its delivery, our chat support executives can do that.

Helpdesk Support

If your customer is browsing your website and looking for instant resolution on his/her query, our agents can assist the customer with their quick responses. They can also track the queries for future resolution purposes.

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